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Need a translation? My translation agency is the place for you. As a sworn graduated translator with many years of experience, especially in the field of literature, working with my freelance colleagues we can do the translations you need from and into the following languages, Spanish, French and English, fast and competently. When necessary we can provide official certification for all kinds of documents. In addition we are also available as professional interpreters for private and official settings.


Translations of Literature
  • Languages:  German, Spanish, French, English
  • Genres:  fiction, non-fiction-books, theatre, film, literature for young people
  • Areas of expertise: Mexico and Latin-American, travelling, life-style, arts, architecture, nursing, care, women etc.
  • Literature expertises for publishing houses
Technical Translations
  • Working Languages: German, Spanish, French, English
  • All kind of texts, Product descriptions, operating manuals, newsletters, Websites, press releases and articles, contracts etc.
  • Main focus: food & wine, agriculture, law, spirituality, care
  • Prices settled per page, depending on language and degree of difficulty
Certified Translations
    • Working Languages: German, Spanish, French, English
    • Translations of all kinds of documents: Birth certificates, driving licenses, marriage certificates, naturalizations, decrees of divorce etc.
    • Basic price: € 38,- including of 20 lines

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